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Physics at TU Berlin


The Physics Department at TU Berlin, with its centrally located campus, offers the highest international standard in both research and teaching. Early on, our students come into contact with the state-of-the-art research of the department, and are taught modern concepts and methods, often with an interdisciplinary flavour. TU Berlin has a long tradition in building reciprocal connexions between fundamentals, theory, and real-world applications.

Berlin possesses the largest number of research institutions of any city in Germany, and our Institutes for Solid-State Physics, Optics and Atomic Physics, Theoretical Physics, and the Centre for Astronomy und Astrophysics play a central role in this close, collaborative community. A series of national and international outstanding projects, and a proven track-record in attracting external funding, all contribute to the high prestige in which Physics at TU Berlin is held. Our current research foci are nano-science, photonics, astrophysics and nonlinear dynamics.

Collaborative Research Centre 787

A TU Berlin physics degree offers the opportunity not only to study fundamental physics, but also applied physics with subjects from diverse areas such as technology, engineering, and economics. Students of physics --- including those taking physics as a minor --- profit from the use of our modern Laboratory facilities, multimedia resources and internet-supported lectures. Furthermore, our international exchange programs, such as Socrates and Erasmus, for example, are well resourced and highly successful.


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