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The physics degree at the TU Berlin is focused on providing the qualifications required by physicists in todays workplace. Students acquire more than just the ability to conduct a successful career in physics --- they learn the capacity to think scientifically and independently, and to understand and apply the scientific method. Students also develop model-building and problem-solving skills, and learn how to apply these skills in new areas.

The physics degree deals on the one hand with the experimental techniques used by physicists to investigate nature, on the other, with the theoretical constructs and mathematical structures required to make sense of their findings. Furthermore, at the TU Berlin strong emphasis is placed on making connections between physics and real-world applications.

The degree path begins with a six-semester "Basisstudium", successful completion of which leads to a Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree. This is/can be followed with a four-semester "Masterstudium" leading to a Master of Science (MSc) qualification (begins: winter semester 2008/09). More details about these degrees, such as the included lecture courses, problem classes, and laboratory sessions, as well as examinations, can be found in the appropriate Study and Examination sections (see the „Student Advisory Service“ below).

NB: The previous German-style degree courses, including the various teaching degrees, are in the process of being phased out and replaced with the above BSc and MSc degrees.

Student advisory service: The student advisory service provides everything you need to know about your physics degree - how to successfully plan each Semester, and how to get the most out of your time at the TU Berlin. Also

offered is more detailed information about the individual degree courses.

Course directory: In the course directory you will find details of all the courses offered at the TU, sorted by Faculty and Subject. A new directory is published every semester and is available both in print as well as online.

Laboratory classes: Our physics degree provides several laboratory classes for which students have to enrol. Notice: The introductory practicals are offered in two forms called „Physikalisches Grundpraktikum“ and „Projektlabor”. An advanced laboratory class (“Fortgeschrittenenpraktikum”) takes place in the fifth or sixth semester.

Studying abroad: Broadening ones horizons is an important part of any degree programme -- and the TU Berlin offers the opportunity to do so through studying abroad.

Fachbereichsinitiative” (INI Physik): This is a students´ initiative. It works to ensure that Physics degrees at the TU Berlin are the best possible. Other than various decision making activities, this involves the organisation of field trips, excursions, and activities for new students.

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